About Us

About Us - About Us

Wild Burger was founded back in 2014 by Jude Tyler who was working as a window clerk for a small store in Toronto. Tyler started Wild Burger as a blog highlighting the best burger spots in Danforth Avenue for people to go to.

The blog took off after the burger joints mentioned in his blog became the talk of the town. Wild Burger became established in the area and soon after throughout Toronto.

Gourmet and Specialty Burgers

The idea behind what would elevate Wild Burger to a whole new level of business is gourmet burgers. Several chefs contacted Tyler asking for their burger creation to be featured on his blog.

Tyler accepted and he received quite the funding from these high-end chefs. The blog then turned into a feature magazine talking about the best burgers in Toronto, not just burgers but gourmet and specialty burgers.

All over Canada

The Wild Burger online magazine made a name in the food industry in Canada. It has been featured in dozens of magazines, online video shows, and other publications. Wild Burger is now a hybrid of an online magazine and burger joint locator.

The locator helps you find the nearest burger joints. You can also get all the contact information, menus, and business hours right on the website. A one-stop-shop for all you burger lovers out there.

That is not all, Wild Burger also offers online cooking classes for aspiring chefs out there. Our food focus, burgers and other sandwiches. One class with us and you’ll learn how to cook 3 to 5 types of burgers for you and your loved ones.

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